Keep your eyes open.

there is a fairytale.

"I want to forget! Who would choose to be alone, imprisoned by their broken memories ?"

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i’m so tired

Before writing anything you can inquire. Every gifs which are tagged #” myedits ” is gifs that I realized alone / accompany of another graphic designer. The hastag #myedit quite means and if you are not satisfied: goes to see somewhere else! I do not have to justify myself of every image which is on my blog. Now that you had your small fifteen minutes of fame you can come to give some explanation in private, anyway I have to hide nothing and I do not need to justify myself makes for one person who allows to make comments without contents.

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OFFICAL HP: - 『HOTEL』2014.8.6 Release
FULL MV - ◤Download ◥ - ◤ Streaming◥
SHORT MV - ◤Download ◥ - ◤ Streaming◥


2014.8.6 Release

FULL MV - ◤Download ◥ - ◤ Streaming

SHORT MV - ◤Download ◥ - ◤ Streaming

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Avatar Ayumi Hamasaki / Live 200x320.

For anon (don’t take it !!!!)

gif by Reila

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6 avatars Koda Kumi  / 200x320.

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